LIUNA Local 1776 vs. ACT

It's time to Leave ACT and Join LIUNA

Strength in Numbers...that's what being a LIUNA National Guard member means. We derive our strength from a large pool of members across a number of different employment sectors, and we use that strength to make sure your voice is heard both in your home state/territory and in Washington DC.

As part of LIUNA, Local 1776 is the most active National Guard Technician and Title 5 organization in the country, and we invite you to join us so that we can be even stronger on your behalf.

If you're an ACT member or are in an area represented by ACT, take a look at the comparison below and then make the switch!

For More Information Call 1-800-569-5861


NG Employees Represented 5,500 25,000 Numbers don't lie. LIUNA Local 1776 continues to grow and strengthen while ACT has been in a consistent downward membership trend for 20 years. They are slowly dying. Last year they experirnced one of their worst single-year member drops ever.

ACTs small size makes them weak in Washington DC and at the state level. 

All numbers based on DOL LM Reports which can be accessed here.
Total Regular Members 1,491 3,268
Membership Percentage 27% 13%
Historical Trends

Image result for icons money Per Pay Period $18.00 0.008% of pay LIUNA dues are set by their members via a vote. Members also have to approve dues increases.

ACT dues are set as a percentage of their members' pay, so whenever their members get a pay raise ACT also automatically gets an increase in their dues and their members have zero vote or say in the matter.
Per Month $39.00 0.008% of pay
Per Year $468.00 0.008% of pay
Percent Taken by HQ 13% 65%
Percent Kept by Local 87% 35%
Comparison Dues are the same for all...every member pays the same for the same benefits.

Our members also keep a larger percentage of their dues at the Local level.
Progressive dues structure...the more you make the more you pay.

HQ takes a large percentage of member dues which means less money at Local level.

Image result for life insurance icon Provider Unknown ACT has no information on their web site concerning any type of AD&D coverage for their members at this time.
Benefit Amount $40,000.00 $15,000.00
Cost Per Month $0.00 $0.00
Policy Type Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
Comparison All members are automatically covered by our $40,000 AD&D policy provided by MBA. All members are automatically covered by our $15,000 AD&D policy. Provider and exclusions are unknown.

Image result for CAPITOL HILL ICON Influence in
Washington DC
Heavy Hitter None ACT has absolutely zero political influence in Washington DC because they have no lobbying power. Their PAC generates little money and the bulk of their expenditures go to hats and coffee mugs.

They are incapable of mounting any serious effort to move or influence legislation. 
NG Technician/T5 Legislative History Very Active None
Current Legislative Priorities See Packet None
Comparison Visit our
Political Action page for a complete summary of our legislative efforts concerning NG employees.

Image result for education icon Free College None Since ACT is an independent union with very few members they are not able to provide any real benefits or incentives to their members.
Scholarships  None
Comparison Through our affiliation with the AFL-CIO we're able to offer our members and their families access to educational programs with real benefits. None


Dental Plans Offered

Note: Choices vary by state.
Dental plan premiums may be
collected bi-weekly or monthly
depending on insurance provider.
Dental premiums are paid in
addition to regular dues.

Multiple Plans Available:

Sun Life Dental
Delta Dental
Humana Dental

Many Others

Other Benefits/Programs FedDef Legal Defense Fund
Military Benefits Association
Union Plus

Partnerships/Affiliations AFL-CIO
Federal Postal Coalition
Helmets to Hardhats
Union Vets Council (AFL-CIO)
United DoD Workers Coalition

Quoted In the News The Journal Gazette

EANGUS New Patriot Spring 16
EANGUS New Patriot Summer 16
EANGUS New Patriot Fall/Win. 16
Salt Lake Sentinel

NARFE Magazine

NBC LOD Investigation
NBC Suicide Investigation
NBC Special Report

Social  Media Reach

- All LIUNA pages open to the public
Facebook: 13,000+ followers

Main Page: 2,100
- Save the Apache: 7,400
- Arlington Burial Rights: 4,000

Twitter: 200+ followers

Facebook: 50

- Main Page

- Modern
- Up-to-Date

- Provides Relevant Information
- User-friendly
- Open to the public

- Old
- Outdated
- Provides Irrelevant Information
- Clumsy
- Closed to the public
When you compare the 2 organizations...the Choice is Clear

The Clear Choice for
National Guard

Member Breakdown
(As of 12/31/2018)

Local 1776 is part of LIUNA, one of the largest and most aggressive labor organizations in North America boasting a total of 560,000 combined members in the US and Canada. Our size gives our members the voice they need in Washington DC.

Regular 395,000
- Construction 370,000
- Public Sector* 25,000
Retired 71,000
Mail Handlers 94,000
- Regular 36,500
- Associate 57,500
Total 560,000
*Public Sector Includes 1,500 National Guard Employees.

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