Workers Compensation


The Employee's Compensation Operations & Management Portal (ECOMP) is a Department of Labor (DOL) web-based application that allows employees of the Defense Department (DoD) to file claims for injury or illness compensation from any computer with access to the internet. This is a marked improvement over the previous system which could only be accessed from a government computer and also required the user to use their CAC card for login purposes.

ECOMP also allows employees to upload supporting documents along with their compensation claim which can help speed up the claim evaluation process. Employees may also view and print copies of claim forms, and also check on their claim status anytime.

Claim Workflow

Employee Completes OSHA Form 301
Employees who are injured or become ill due to a work-related incident will first need to fill out an OSHA Form 301. 
Employee Completes
CA1 or CA2

After completing the OSHA Form 301 the affected employee will complete either a CA1 (Traumatic Injury) or CA2 (Illness)
Supervisor Review
Supervisors receive an email from ECOMP notifying them to review submitted forms.  

Agency Reviewer
The Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA) reviews submitted forms for errors and forwards to the DOL Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP).  
  OWCP creates claim claim, issues 9-digit claim number, and provides Case Number to both employee and employer.

Easy Steps

1. Go to www.ecomp.dol.gov

2. Click  Sign In / Register    

3. If you already have an account you may sign in. Otherwise you will have to follow the link next to the ? to create one.

  Tips for creating a new account

  - You can use any email address.
  - Make sure you make the appropriate selection:

    * Department: National Guard
    * State: The state or territory where you work
    * Agency-Group: Other Agencies
    * Agency: Army or Air National Guard-Title 32
    * Duty Station: Same as your state or territory 

4. After signing in you will be taken to your dashboard.



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