Section 519 Technician Study
Section 519 Update Sheds Little New Information  
by Ben Banchs

Washington, DC (June 21, 2012) – For the second time this year LIUNA met with DoD for an interim update of the Section 519 Report. The meeting provided no new insight into the report other than it is ongoing. Aside from a brief slide presentation DoD shared little else, and the information contained within the presentation did not provide new data.

There were no CNA representatives present at this second gathering. In fact, the only news story here is the lack of information coming from DoD and CNA. DoD representatives were tight-lipped and completely avoided specifics when answering questions posed to them by those present. With the study language not directly requiring Union involvement, DoD and CNA are essentially stiff-arming any Union involvement in the study, and have yet to address when and where employee interviews will take place, and whether they will be one-on-one or focus-group based. No plans were discussed for a third update meeting.

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