Sec. 519 Study
Section 519 Update:
DoD Tech Survey Tentative at this Point

by Ben Banchs

Washington, DC (August 24, 2012) – Yesterday, LIUNA submitted a request to Darryl Roberts, a representative from DoD involved in the Section 519 Study, asking for an update regarding whether interviews of National Guard Technicians were still being planned, and if so when they would be taking place. Mr. Roberts' one-sentence response was vague, to say the least. Roberts indicated that "a tentative decision has been made to conduct a survey of MILTECHs." That was the end of the message. We asked for clarification and received two more one-sentence replies of little substance.

In any event, since there's still the possibility that DoD and CNA representatives will approach Technicians for input we suggest that our members keep their eyes and ears open. Based on DoD's reluctance to keep the Unions informed as to the progress of this study, there's a very good possibility that a survey could start without the Unions being notified first. If that turns out to be the case, we ask that our members contact us immediately. We also encourage our members to contact their respective Labor Relations office and let them know that a survey of the workforce may be on the horizon, and that you would like to participate if your state is picked to be a part of the study.
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