Section 519 Technician Study

First Meeting Regarding Study of NG Tech Program Set for Monday March 5th in DC
by Ben Banchs

New Orleans, LA (March 3, 2012) - Representatives of LIUNA (along with three other Unions that represent National Guard Technicians) will be meeting with DoD and research firm CNA to discuss plans for meeting the requirements of Section 519 of the FY12 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Section 519(b)(8) requires that DoD "ensure the involvement and input of military technicians (dual status)" in the study.
This study would not be taking place had it not been for the legislative efforts by our LIUNA Lobbyist and National Guard Members who have travelled to Washington DC, year after year, walking the halls of Congress in order to educate lawmakers, especially those on the Senate Armed Services Committee, regarding the inequities experienced by Federal Technicians employed under Section 709 of Title 32, otherwise known as the Technician Act of 1968.

The meeting scheduled for Monday, March 5th, 2012, is intended to provide the Unions with information on the study tasks, timeline, and what the CNA study team will be discussing with the Technicians. According to a representative from DoD, CNA's approach consists of three main activities: first, CNA will be obtaining data from the services (Army and Air)to build the analytical databases to support the baseline analysis of the Technician program, and support cost analyses; second, CNA will be conducting a literature review of the Technician program; third, CNA will be conducting semi-structured interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) and program stakeholders. As part of these activities, CNA will be visiting Guard and Reserve units to speak directly with Technicians, at which time Local Union representatives will be welcome to attend these discussions.

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